'Hello, My name is Anusha Nava.  I am a Singer/ songwriter and Actor/Presenter based in London and I would like to give you the warmest welcome to my new website. Thank you for blessing me with your presence.

  I have been on a vast journey of highs and lows in my life.  Expressing myself through music and the arts has been a crucial part of my healing, growth and I would love to share some of my work, thoughts and experiences with you on this site.


  I feel honored and blessed to have had such opportunity, as well as such hardship attracted into my life.  You see, I have learnt a few things along the way and I love and live by the following quotes:

'There is a blessing in every lesson'
'Let your smile change the world,do not let the world change your smile.' 
'You are never given a dream, without the power to make it come true.'
'Live the life you love, Love the life you live.'
'The answer is love'

Take a look around, in joy x

Sending you all many blessings, love and light xx



Anusha Biography

Intellectual Welsh born Anusha, is a Singer/ Songwriter as well as Actor and Presenter based in the UK.  It was whilst studying for her Politics Degree that the half Mauritian, half Sri Lankan beauty, met producer'Chris Rockizm Patrick', who introduced her to the world of music.


Anusha enjoyed the success of the release of two RnB/pop singles in 2009/2010 both charting in the Music Week charts and 'Are You Ready' spent 10 Weeks in the MTV Base top 10.  Anusha toured the UK giving support to numerous acts, including Shayne Ward on his UK Arena Tour until the demise of the project in 2010.

Anusha began travelling to distant lands in a bid to find some answers about life, heal and grow spiritually, emotionally and develop as an artist.

Following her return, Anusha  played the supporting role of 'Kayal' in feature film 'Tooting Broadway' and also began co-hosting 'The Anusha and Jon James Show'   on Vertex Fm.  The show interviewed tens of top music artists up until late 2015.

In 2016, Anusha played a surgeon in muti-award winning film 'Daisy', Paton Productions.  Anusha also played the role of 'Mystery Girl' in short film 'Freedom' Fusion Media House which has just been released.   In 2017/2018 Anusha is due to play the challenging lead role of tribal girl 'Kinga', in feature film, Touched, Paton Productions.

Now, taking influence from Lana Del Rey, The Eurythmics, Florence and the Machine, Moorcheeba, Stevie Nicks, Elton John and Tina Turner, Anusha is currently working on new music with D/A Music Group.

Anusha is also currently performing live sets, accompanied by very talented musicians, covering some of the greatest tracks of all time as well as performing original material.

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Piano/ Acoustic Live Music


I am very excited to be gigging accompanied by the very talented 'Dylan and the Key' and Josiah Wade. We perform live covers of some of the best songs of all time as well as our original material.  I love these stripped back live performances, they feed my soul and the response is fantstic. They really are such a blessing.

'You are never given a dream, without the power to make it come true'

'Love the life you live, live the life you love'

'Dream, create, elevate'

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Check out some Piano and acoustic originals and covers......


Original Songs...

'When We were Young' lyrics by myself, music by Josiah Wade



'Stranger' lyrics by Anusha, music by Dylan and the Key



'I believe' written by Anusha, music by Dylan....






The Love EP

I am really pleased to be recording 'The Love EP' atm.  Taking influence from from The Eurythmics, Florence and The Machine,Stevie Nicks, Calvin Harris, Lana Del Rey and Donna Summer, this body of work is in production.  I am very honoured and feel blessed to be writing again and colaborating with such talented producers.....Watch this Space ....


Acting & Presenting



I really enjoy acting and I am really looking forward to my forthcoming film projects this year and next.  I had the pleasure of playing of the supporting role 'Kayal' in 'Gangs of Tooting Broadway'(2013).  Kayal is a young medical student, paying her way through school by prostitution. My popular, fiesty, street smart character is murdered due to her involvement with gang members in Tooting Broadway, London. The film centers around her friends trying to solve her murder and they find some deep routes. Her murder was no ordinary killing.


In late 2015 I had the pleasure of playing the role of a 'Surgeon' in multi-award winning short film 'Daisy'. The film was based around a real little girl called Maisy, who I got to meet on set.  Maisy suffers from a an illness called Epidermolysis Bulosa.  A rare and fatal skin disorder.  It was an emotional, life changing experience being a part of the project.  The spirit of this little girl wasinspiring and to know her, as well as work with her for a few scenes, inspired the whole cast and crew and put a lot into prospective for all. 


I have just finished filming for short film 'Freedom' by the very talented writer/ director Ronnie Henry, in which I play the role of 'Mystery Girl'.  My character is a strong, no-nonsense, powerful woman, who tries to help a young man and personal trainer called 'Connor'. He suffers from a range of physhcological issues following a car crash and seeks comfort in my harsh but caring character.  Check out the trailer below......




I am due to play the challenging lead 'Kinga' in feature film 'Touched', due to be shot in Papua New Guinea in 2019 written and directed by award winning writer and director Nancy Paton.  This beautifully written, touching story is about a Doctor in her 40s who moved to Papua New Guinea with her younger, very handsome husband.  Kinga is a young tribal girl who takes a liking to her husband and falls pregnant with his child, before passing away.  This story is heartbreakingly beautiful, full of sadness and hope am so honoured and feeling blessed to have been chosen for such a challenging part.





During my first record contract in 2008-2010, I had the pleasure of being a regular guest panelist on the Political Forum, BBC Asian Network, discusing political and social issues. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed.  

I also spent several years hosting events across London, interviewing some of the hottest artists in music for Vertex Fm. I have interviewed Maverick Sabre, DJ Fresh, Sway, Bluey Robinson, Wretch 32, Misha B to name but a few and I just cant wait to vibe with such artists again soon. 

As a politics graduate, I have always been passionate about social/ political issues and have been very fortunate to spread knowledge and to have been involved in a few documentary films coming out this year such as 'Maisy, the making of Daisy' which looks into the the terminal illness Epidermolysis Bullosa.  

Other really interesting documentaries,I've had the pleasure of being involved with are 'Skin Colour and The Media' by Kashif Boothe and also MDNK presents 'Brown Paper Bag Theory'.  Both looking at issues to do with racism.

I am currently the host for RBE Music Showcases which occur once a month across London.  The music showcase see a variety of acts come togther for this special monthy event. 


 I have also just joined the team at Urban News London as co-host for two shows.... watch this space.....



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gigs and updates




07/10/17 Surya, Kings Cross - Anusha Loves accompanied by Josiah Wade

03/11/17 Surya, Kings Cross - Anusha Loves accompanied by Josiah Wade



06/09/17 Surya Kings Cross - Anusha Loves accompanied by Josiah Wade

12/08/17 Surya, Kings Cross - Anusha Loves accompanied by Josiah wade

12/07/17 Paper Dress Vintage - Anusha Loves accompanied by Dylan

03/06/17 Surya, Kings Cross - Anusha Loves accompanied by Dylan

29/04/17 Zigfrid Von Underbelly - Anusha Loves accompanied by Dylan

01/04/17 Surya, Kings Cross - Anusha Loves accompanied by Dylan

29/03/17 Tramp, Mayfair


29/04/17 Zigfrid Von Under Belly, Hoxton - Anusha Loves accompanied by Dylan